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Survival Guide

Looking for handy survival tips? Well, this survival guide is just what you need to become a better survivor.

Survival Guide Intro

It takes much more than the skills to make fires; get food and travel for many miles without the aid of basic navigational devices to triumph over a survival situation. Simply put, a key ingredient in any survival venture is the mental point of view of the individual involved.

There are many stresses that characterize a typical survival situation and for sure you need to be emotionally prepared to face them. Now this blog post will connect you with some top ideas on how to hone your survival skills.

What Does Survival Entail?

The whole idea of planning and preparing for survival may to some extent seem confusing or unclear. After all, how many of us can willingly jump into a cornering situation? The primary reason for mastering the art of survival, especially in regards to survival psychology, is that you find yourself in a tricky situation that requires survival skills at any time.

Situations that can shake your otherwise everyday life and drive you into an unfamiliar ground can range from a natural occurrence e.g bushfire or flood to man-made calamities like a train derailment. Such situations can produce emotions and thoughts that, if misinterpreted, can transform you into an indecisive wreck and diminish your chances of surviving.

The Science Of Survival

Studies show that people become upset and agitated on some level when things change all of a sudden. You can think of your mind in a demanding situation like a stove. When switched on, it does a marvelous cooking job, but too much too fast will burn. Similarly, when you realize you have entered into a wild situation, avoid panicking and take some time off to plan. If your brain doesn’t overheat, it can actually play a central role in helping you find a worthwhile solution.

The science behind this is that once our brains sense that we’re in danger, it ‘commands’ the hypothalamus to trigger the release of a hormone called adrenaline. This hormone boosts your heart power and causes the liver to produce massive energy stored in the form of glucose. These activities lead to the development of a virtual fight-or-flight situation. For a brief moment, this hormone sends us into a “hulk” mode.

In a nutshell, a composed mentality is all it takes to fight through even the most treacherous survival situations.

How Can I Enhance My Survival Power?

Training and general preparation that mainly focuses on crucial elements of survival are, frankly speaking, the best trick of maximizing performance in a demanding situation. Some key elements that affect performance in a typical survival situation include:

  • Individual Confidence

    The one way to greater confidence in survival situations is practice. Regular training and research widens your scope of skills by helping you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. It is a fact that people who are aware of their highs and lows perform better in stressful and demanding situations than those who are not.

  • Energy Balance

    Continual release of hormones during survival situations leaves your exhausted when you should be saving energy. Due to this thin line (between conserving and utilizing energy during a survival situation), it’s crucial that you work on your stamina so as to boost your stock of energy to last you through times of need.

  • Resource Use

    There are 3 main elements that are necessary for survival: clean water, food and proper shelter. Great priority should be accorded to these essentials. Also, note that mental wellbeing provides the inner strength and the ability to relax. Such resilience goes a long way in alleviating stress and providing much needed encouragement in demanding situations.

  • Sense Of Insecurity

    Despair, hopelessness and general insecurity is another common mind-state of the survivor. When you’re caught up in a survival corner it is important that you promptly work towards alleviating the question of insecurity. Physical activities and positive encouragement are quite important in conquering that unwanted sense of insecurity that is typical of tough situations.

How to get started?

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